About Us

About Us


We are a control systems integrator with in-depth energy expertise.

Affinity Energy is an open systems control systems integrator with a national portfolio of over 800 power automation projects and a rich depth of expertise working with mission critical facilities, distributed generation plants, energy companies, engineering firms, and construction contractors who seek open, turnkey systems for power management and energy optimization.

Specifically, we work to design, build, implement, and support controls, instrumentation, and monitoring systems, during the design and/or build phases of a new construction or retrofit project for utility-scale solar farms, airports, waste-to-energy plants, data centers, medical campus central energy plants, and manufacturing companies.

Our customers.


We know what it takes to be a world-class control systems integrator.

First and foremost, Affinity Energy is a team of experts. We take pride in our wide range of knowledge and capabilities. In fact, continuous improvement is one of our core values. Every member of the team is challenged to get better and smarter through regular training, certifications, and conferences.

Due to our in-depth experience, our customers recognize us as their go-to firm for mission critical systems integration. Dependable, highly skilled engineers with industry-specific electrical experience is a combination not easily replicated.

As an open systems integrator, we provide specialized solutions and innovative ideas customized to the owner’s specifications. We feel that giving customers multiple choices enables them to operate more efficiently and cost effectively.

We communicate clearly and thoroughly. Our company size and attitude makes us nimble and responsive. And our team members are accustomed to immersing themselves so much into projects, that customers feel like our employees are members of their own team. To us, that’s the key to being valued consultants.

At Affinity Energy, we’re driven to unlock the potential of today’s energy resources by providing the best systems and services possible, thus allowing our customers to focus on what they do best.

We have a long history in energy-specific control and monitoring systems.

Affinity Energy (originally Affinity Automation) was founded in 2002 as a systems integrator specializing in electrical power management systems (EPMS). Our many successes integrating systems at manufacturing plants and critical facilities resulted in the quick growth of our size and services.

Because of our extensive SCADA background and strong partnerships with mechanical and electrical contractors, we quickly experienced success as a SCADA systems integrator for central energy plants. We leveraged our knowledge of temperature control systems to expand our services to commercial buildings and enterprise energy management systems.

After 10 years of business, we examined our strengths, surveyed the market, and thought critically about how to deliver the best value proposition to customers and partners. The result is a plan that includes an intense focus on mission critical and distributed generation instrumentation, controls, and SCADA systems.

In 2014, we started successfully assisting utility-scale solar farm developers, owners, and EPCs meet contractual and operational requirements through solar SCADA and instrumentation.

In 2016, Affinity Automation rebranded as Affinity Energy. Our new name reflects our progression as a foremost expert in energy related ventures, and the future looks more promising than ever.



We’ve Got Your Back From Start to Finish

Allan Evora - Founder | Affinity Energy

Allan Evora President

With the emergence of renewables and an aging electrical grid, the power and energy industry needs stronger partners more than ever. It just so happens, power and energy run deep within our DNA.

Ayanna Edwards - Affinity Energy

Ayanna EdwardsProject Management

Our customers need a trusted advisor to not only support current needs, but anticipate and advise them on future ones as well. We guide and support our customers' current initiatives AND help them successfully prepare to meet future goals.

Brad Mull - Engineer | Affinity Energy

Bradley MullApplication Engineer

Our customers are keenly aware of what their end-result must accomplish. Our challenge is to provide the how in the most reliable and cost-effective method that still goes above and beyond their needs. That's our niche, and I believe, where we excel.