C-More HMI

C-More HMI

Our engineers recommend and integrate a C-more HMI when:


You want an attractive and cost-effective touch panel solution to visualize your monitoring data

The price for a base model C-more HMI is just about the lowest price for this tier of HMI. Because of streamlined sets of graphic objects and simple infrastructure, the cost for system integration is also relatively low.


You need an HMI that’s easily modified by the end user with little training

What if you don't want the hassle of contracting with a systems integrator to make minor changes? Anyone with a workable knowledge of HMIs should be able to support a C-more HMI. Instead of spending time programming, end-users can easily configure changes by selecting different objects in a pre-existing library of graphic images and symbols.


You want non-proprietary software 

By the simplicity and intuitive nature of the software, it is quite easily modified by the end user with little to no training or further expense. If you do have a question, Automation Direct is known for its implementation customer support. In fact, 95% of their customers say their phone support exceeds other vendors’ support.