Our engineers recommend and integrate CompactLogix when:


You are in a mission critical environment where malfunctions cause extreme danger or profit loss. High maintainability is a must.

With fantastic backward compatibility and legacy support, you’ll always have a clear migration path. Software is always well tested and upgraded to support new hardware features and additional processor memory.


Your application has between 50 and 250 I/O.

Adding more I/O to your process through either add on Modules attached to the chassis, or as remote I/O on the plant control network, virtually any type or combination can be added to expand the system.


You require attentive support.

Unlike many PLC vendors, Allen Bradley has field technicians available to perform emergency repair or replacement with most components. Though a relatively expensive path to repair, the cost of downtime may justify a rapid response. By ensuring your components are on their ‘preferred availability’ list, you can be assured spare parts could be onsite the following day.

In addition, a global network of distributors and sales support help initiate discussions with OEMs to integrate Allen-Bradley processors in any equipment you plan to purchase.


You need a processor to operate a section of your plant, or group of machines, and you’re looking for a smaller supervisory control processor than ControlLogix.

CompactLogix is a better choice when controlling a work cell, or small section of a plant. CompactLogix is great at controlling a few machines, when coordination between machines is required. For example, in an area with four compressors a CompactLogix will decide how many need to run and at what output pressure to maximize efficiency.