Our engineers recommend and integrate ControlLogix when:


You need a highly redundant and reliable supervisory control solution

With ControlLogix’s bumpless transfer, your process continues like nothing happened. Switchover is seamless to I/O and SCADA.

Safety I/O and safety processors are engineered to fail in a safe, predictable manner. When process control is a matter of life and death, this level of predictability is crucial.

With fantastic backward compatibility and legacy support, you’ll always have a clear migration path. Software is always well tested and upgraded to support new hardware features and additional processor memory. Due to the network of stocking distributors, there is always high part availability.


You are in a mission critical environment and require superior control

ControlLogix is great at supervising smaller machines controlled by CompactLogix or MicroLogix with lots of analog data. With chassis ranging up to 17 slots, it scales well into your organization’s future control goals.

In addition, ControlLogix’s new 5580 processor family includes a 1 GB network port in the processor, reducing components and easing programmability.


You need a rapid response and support system

Unlike many PLC vendors, Allen Bradley has field technicians available to perform emergency repair or replacement with most components. Though a relatively expensive path to repair, the cost of downtime may justify a rapid response.

Unique to Allen-Bradley, a global network of distributors and sales support help initiate discussions with OEMs to integrate Allen-Bradley processors in any equipment you plan to purchase.