Dent PowerScout 24 Meter

Dent PowerScout 24 Meter

Our engineers recommend and integrate Dent PowerScout 24 when:


You want an easy installation

The Dent PowerScout 24 has indicators and diagnostics for an easy installation. In fact, any electrician should be able to install it. They should receive indication that it’s installed correctly without even utilizing the software. Another reason it is installation friendly (and safer) is that it uses millivolt current transformers.


You need a cost-effective solution on a price-per-meter point and want to submeter multiple circuits or multiple loads in the same geographic area

A multi-circuit submeter like the Dent PowerScout 24 uses one submeter CPU/circuit board to measure multiple loads. It has only one set of inputs for a common voltage source, and multiple sets of current inputs for loads that share the common voltage source. The Dent PowerScout 24 can measure up to eight three-phase loads.


You're looking for a complete solution

Unlike other meter manufacturers, Dent Instruments sells you the complete solution. Not only do they provide configuration software for free, they also have a full range of current transformers available for purchase from 5A to 5,000A. Whatever type of situation you need the meter to work in, they’ve got a CT that will match it.

A fully provisioned Dent PowerScout 24 will have approximately 66% lower hardware costs when compared to individual meters. Taking in to account labor savings, the total costs savings can be as much as 80-90%.