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We’ve integrated the Dent PowerScout in facilities across the Southeast.

The Dent PowerScout 24 comes with its own enclosure, is powered via the voltage source and easily integrates to a SCADA or building automation system via Modbus or BACnet.

Integrating submeters like the Dent PowerScout 24 is just one of Affinity Energy’s specialties. As an open systems control systems integrator we focus on the right meters for your unique environment, instead of sticking blindly to one brand. This helps you minimize cost and maximize ease of use.


Dent PowerScout Might Be for You If…
For over 15 years, our engineers have recommended and integrated the Dent PowerScout 24 when:

  • You need to submeter multiple circuits or multiple loads in the same geographic area
  • You require Modbus or BACnet protocol
  • You need a cost-effective solution on a price-per-meter point
  • You want an easy installation
  • You’re interested in a meter that is manufactured and supported in the USA
  • You don’t want to buy configuration software
Successful Dent PowerScout System Integrations
We specialize in systems integration for power and energy measurement and verification (M&V) applications such as:

•ATS at medical campus central utility plants
•Energy cost allocation at industrial and manufacturing facilities
•Energy efficient facilities (LEED)

Top 3 Reasons to Specify a Dent PowerScout 24
Customized Dent PowerScout 24:

Case Study in a Central Energy Plant

The University of Virginia Medical Center has dozens of automatic transfer switches (ATSs) distributed throughout campus without submeters built-in to the digital controllers. They needed visibility into potential load creep situations to avoid ATS failure due to lack of supporting capacity.

Affinity Energy implemented an ATS multi-circuit metering retrofit solution to effectively manage load creep in a cost-efficient manner. Instead of installing conventional circuit monitoring on each ATS, Affinity Energy specified Dent PowerScout 24 multi-circuit submeters, significantly lowering hardware and installation costs. Because ATSs within the hospital environment were clustered in sets of 7 or 8, the multi-circuit submeter was an ideal solution for retrofit.
Alex DiGiacomo
Maintenance Supervisor
Before our ATS submeters, we had zero visibility into our electrical loads. The data I have now gives me the power to mitigate load creep risks and plan for the future emergency power situations of the hospital.
David Edwards
Group Engineering Manager
The submeters and software installed by Affinity Energy allow us to spend less time generating reports and more time understanding how energy is used in our buildings, and proactively identifying opportunities for energy reduction.
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You Don’t Have to be an Engineer to Install

The Dent PowerScout 24 has indicators and diagnostics for an easy installation. In fact, any electrician should be able to install it. They should receive indication that it’s installed correctly without even utilizing the software. Another reason it is installation friendly (and safer) is that it uses millivolt current transformers.

It Meters Multiple Circuits

Say you need to submeter multiple circuits or multiple loads in the same geographic area. A multi-circuit submeter like the Dent PowerScout 24 uses one submeter CPU/circuit board to measure multiple loads. It has only one set of inputs for a common voltage source, and multiple sets of current inputs for loads that share the common voltage source. The Dent PowerScout 24 can measure up to eight three-phase loads.

Dent has a Comprehensive Line of Standard and Revenue-Accurate CTs

Unlike other meter manufacturers, Dent Instruments sells you the complete solution. Not only do they provide configuration software for free, they also have a full range of current transformers available for purchase from 5A to 5,000A. Whatever type of situation you need the meter to work in, they’ve got a CT that will match it.

A fully provisioned Dent PowerScout 24 will have approximately 66% lower hardware costs when compared to individual meters. Taking in to account labor savings, the total costs savings can be as much as 80-90%.

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