Do-more PLC

Do-more PLC

Our engineers recommend and integrate a Do-more when:


You need an economical solution for basic analog and discrete I/O, Modbus communication, and control

The base model Do-more is just about the lowest price you can get for this tier of PLC. Unlike many PLCs, the software required to program the hardware is free!


You require versatile, non-proprietary software

The Do-more line is quite versatile. Many different modules are easily assembled in the PLC rack, such as analog and digital I/O, RTD, and networking modules.


You're looking for a manufacturer with great support

Anyone with a workable knowledge of PLCs and ladder logic programming should be able to support a Do-more PLC, and because the programming software is free and applications non-proprietary, applications can be easily modified by the end user with little to no training.

If you do have a question, Automation Direct is known for its implementation customer support. In fact, 95% of their customers say their phone support exceeds other vendors’ support.