GE PQM Power Quality Meter

GE PQM Power Quality Meter

Our engineers recommend and integrate a GE PQM when:


You're looking for proven reliability with a large install base

GE meters, like the GE PQM II, have been around forever (almost). Their form factor may seem unusual, but there’s a reason they haven’t changed in so long. They’re great, reliable meters. In fact, the GE PQM II has a worldwide 10-year warranty.


You require the collection of other utility data

If you have a water meter, BTU meter, or other utility resource you want to collect information from, the PQM II meter can collect and store information locally. Using optional onboard inputs, it has the ability to interface or connect to other types of pulse-type utility meters, and store usage information for later extraction and analysis. Additionally, if configured with the –C option, you can send a control signal to a curtailment system based on high usage scenarios.


You want power quality analysis without expensive software

If you don’t want to invest in expensive software, this is the meter for you. GE offers free software downloadable from their website for meter waveform capture and sequence of events. Using the free software, you can download the data which has been stored in onboard logging.