MicroLogix PLC

MicroLogix PLC

Our engineers recommend and integrate MicroLogix when:


You need high maintainability

With fantastic backward compatibility and legacy support, you’ll always have a clear migration path. Software is always well tested and upgraded to support new hardware features and additional processor memory.


You’re looking for an industrially hardened controller with a good temperature rating

Do you have a machine that was designed to stand alone, but may need to share information to the outside world? MicroLogix are designed to be installed on the machine, where vibration and temperature variations can be more intense than the climate controlled spaces control cabinets are often installed.


You require a high level of customer support

Unlike many PLC vendors, Allen Bradley has field technicians available to perform emergency repair or replacement with most components. Though a relatively expensive path to repair, the cost of downtime may justify a rapid response.

In addition, a global network of distributors and sales support help initiate discussions with OEMs to integrate Allen-Bradley processors in any equipment you plan to purchase.


You don’t need to add more than a couple dozen I/O

MicroLogix was designed to control a single aspect of a machine, and was never designed to be the master of any other process. MicroLogix PLCs report back to supervisory control PLCs, such as CompactLogix and ControlLogix. They also work well for standalone processes where basic HMI can be installed on the machine.