Shark 200 Meter

Shark 200 Meter

Our engineers recommend and integrate Shark 200 when:


You need onboard data logging

For mission-critical applications such as renewables and manufacturing, gaps in data are often intolerable. That’s why this meter’s onboard data logging is a huge differentiator. The Shark 200 meter stores data locally, which means even if you lose connection to the meter, you won’t lose your data.


You need a large, easy-to-read display with 7 segment characters

The Shark 200 meter has a seven-segment display. Although it may seem old fashioned compared to bright, backlit LED screens, there’s a reason seven-segment displays are still used. LCD displays have issues such as a glare when viewing outside in sunlight or well-lit areas, and problems with screen fade due to excessive sunlight. A seven-segment display has easy-to-read red numerical digits that don’t fade, and are easy to read across long distances.


You need expandable I/O

Do you need to monitor other information such as switch or circuit breaker position or transformer alarm? Maybe you want to send a curtailment signal based on exceeding a pre-defined power demand setting. Simplify your application and reduce both hardware and installation costs by using the expandable I/O capability of the Shark 200 meter.