Veris E50

Veris E50

Our engineers recommend and integrate Veris e50 when:


You need a cost-effective submeter that leaves a small footprint for retrofit situations

If you have limited space and you need a meter with a display, the Veris e50 is about as small as you can get. But it’s not just actual meter dimensions that give them their edge on size. Because it is also a form factor mount, it can attach to any DIN rail, which allows for quick and cost-effective custom submetering panels. Because it can sit inside an enclosure, it takes up even less space in cramped retrofit environments.


You need it to do more than electricity

The Veris e50 has the ability to capture non-electrical utilities like gas, water, and steam. This makes it an ideal meter for energy plants like medical campus central utility plants. Because it has a display, it can act as a local HMI for other meters in the plant. It does this by using a pulse input to connect into different meters and measure their outputs.


You need protocol options

When integrating Veris meters into existing systems, you have options. The Veris e50 comes with three different protocols, which makes it an obvious choice for retrofit situations. Specifically, it can interface with devices through Modbus, BACnet, and LonWorks.