Our engineers recommend and integrate VTScada when:


You need a rock solid, all-in-one enterprise SCADA solution that's easy to configure out of the box

If you use other SCADA solutions, you will probably need separately supported software made by a different company (e.g., Kepserver, Dream Reports, OSI PI). But because Trihedral controls all aspects of their VTScada software (drivers, historian, alarm notification, etc.), it means nothing else is required for basic implementation. In addition to reduced cost, because they own all aspects of the system, you can get any questions answered or issues resolved with a single call.


You require a multi-generational, cost-effective solution

With VTScada, a small system under 250 points can be up and running on a comprehensive SCADA solution for an investment of less than $5,000. As a matter of fact, Trihedral also offers VTScada LIGHT for systems under 50 points, free of charge. Even if your system requires more than 50 points, VTScada LIGHT is a great way to get your feet wet while experiencing the full functionality of the product.


You need a scalable, expandable, and redundant solution

One of VTScada’s greatest strengths is scalability. A lot of major SCADA solutions require all enterprise SCADA solutions to run on the same version and/or same operating system. They are unable to support older generation systems without an entire system upgrade each time a new location is added. VTScada, on the other hand, is backward compatible. This means your 2010 system running on Windows 7, and your 2017 system running Windows 10 can work with one another on an enterprise level. If you plan to build a portfolio of projects with multiple installations, there’s peace of mind knowing you’ll have complete support for older systems with VTScada.