Weidmuller WI-MOD-945-E Wireless Radio

Weidmuller WI-MOD-945-E Wireless Radio

Our engineers recommend and integrate Weidmuller WI-MOD-945-E radio when:


You want a flexible radio with many customization features

Weidmuller radios have digital I/O built in, and can function as a Modbus client and/or server. This means you can communicate transparently through the radio with other Modbus devices.

It also has a built-in RS-232 and RS-485 serial port, allowing you to get a wireless connection to serial devices at the same location. Weidmuller also has built in networking features such as managed switch capabilities and routing.


You want industrially-hardened, reliable access points that don't require burying connectors

Today’s industrial-grade wireless connections are considered reliable and redundant enough to perform in industrial atmospheres. In fact, they have just as much (if not more) security capability and encryption as a wired switch, and their reliability is unparalleled. Weidmuller is considered one of the most industrially-hardened wireless radios.


You want an extremely economical solution

You save a lot on labor costs when you aren’t paying for miles of trenches and conduit. Wireless radios also require less planning resources than running hard connections.