Wonderware InTouch SCADA

Wonderware InTouch SCADA

Our engineers recommend and integrate Wonderware when:


You want it distributed across many machines to help with load balancing and/or redundancy

A Wonderware SCADA system allows you to deploy application objects and I/O to different computers through distributed application design. Distributing applications across many machines means operators can more easily balance loads. Higher dispersion also means better data redundancy across the system’s infrastructure, should one machine fail.


You need a rich and customizable feature set

Because of Wonderware’s history and presence in industries like manufacturing, System Platform has a rich set of modern-style HMI graphics, but can also be configured for situational awareness. The abundance of customizable features also extends to aspects like alarming and history as well. Ultimately, Wonderware System Platform can be tailored based on what the end user wants.


You're looking for something easily scalable (from 500-500,000 points) that will be used by more than one end-user or operator.

With object-oriented design methods, Wonderware System Platform supports a database of templates. By using a templated approach, you can standardize and apply across all blocks in the environment. Once you’ve created one object, the rest of the plant becomes easy to scale and recreate…not to mention the reduction of engineering time and lower lifecycle system costs.