Our Process

Our Process

A Consistent Methodology

We want to see a smile on your face throughout the entire control systems integration process, no matter if you’re an 800,000 square foot data center, or a 20MW utility-scale solar farm. Perhaps that's why 82% of our customers come back year after year.

While our methodology will be uniquely tailored to your size, project type, and goals, our proven 5-phase process will remain the same.

Our 5-Step Process

Control Systems Integration Process

Open Systems Customized for Your Unique Needs

At the beginning of the project, we work with you to discover which vendors, designs, and implementation solutions are right for your unique needs and environment. Because we’re an open systems integrator, we work on behalf of your interests, not the vendor’s. Being a true open systems organization means we don’t bring in a third party vendor to complete your project; our own engineers have the in-house knowledge to work with any brand you desire.

Possessing the knowledge to program and design a system that meets your exact specifications, price points, control ability, and future support needs, no matter the vendor brand you choose, is one of our greatest talents. As every customer’s needs are different, we work to craft a customized solution that meets your goals, whether you’re looking to decrease downtime, gain higher visibility into your maintenance schedule, or increase revenue.

Our turnkey process ensures the elimination of any project gaps, as we have the capacity to assist you through the entire system integration process. Integration, hardware installation, vendor coordination, personnel training, system design, programming, commissioning, communications, testing, emergency field services…we do it all.

Process Driven with Project Managers on Your Side

The phrase that best describes us is process driven. From project kickoff to end-of-project support, our certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs) are dedicated to getting your projects completed on time, under budget, and within your specifications. Held to an ethical certification standard, PMPs act as project conductors, resource orchestrators, logistics coordinators, account managers, progressive collaborators, and master planners…all to make your life easier and keep your project on track.

With a PMP utilizing CRM and project management software at the helm, you receive quality, consistency, and a higher level of visibility into your project. No more missed deadlines, budget inflations, and project mistakes. To keep communication lines open and eliminate potential confusion, our PMPs offer constant project dialogue and back office support, ensuring appropriate services are scheduled and any questions are answered.

With good project management comes risk reduction, consistency, happy customers, and ultimately, project success.

Engineering Expertise From Beginning to End

If you’re looking for a company with in-depth controls and monitoring expertise with a long history in power and energy industries, look no further.

In the past 10 years, our engineering team has been involved in over 760 power automation projects nationwide, including over:

  • 450 mission critical projects
  • 200 distributed power generation projects
  • 120 solar energy projects
  • 175 data center projects

A system is only as good as its weakest link. Instrumentation, controls and SCADA systems are no exception. Our expertise in mission critical environments allows us to incorporate high-availability techniques such as redundancy, hot backup, failure analysis, and disaster recovery, which means peace of mind for you.  Our tagline says it all: if you are in need of reliable control solutions, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t let our process-driven nature fool you— we’re not afraid to change direction mid-project if a better solution presents itself. After all, those afraid to challenge the status quo never realize the new opportunities that come with change. Our organization’s size facilitates an agile, adaptable, and nimble decision-making environment which translates to significant risk reduction.

Training with Documentation You Can Actually Use

Our ultimate goal is to help make our customers smarter. We want you and/or your integration liaison to understand your solution from front to back, so we provide the training, documentation, and tools to truly help you get the most from your investment. Our designs incorporate application-specific documentation right into the system, giving you easy access to the information you need.

We’re always looking for new opportunities to streamline our business through progressive technologies. Depending on your needs, we are happy to prepare customized and innovative training documentation, such as web applications and online diagnostic tools to help pinpoint root-cause problems faster.

Layers of 24/7 Support with Quality Guarantees

When problems occur, we understand your short turnaround time. That’s why we have the capability to provide support 24/7/365. Thoroughly-trained engineers are ready to assist in the event of a system alarm, hardware or software fault, communication failure, or maintenance problem.

During and after the engagement, we provide layers of support. Immediately after a job is awarded, a dedicated engineer of record is assigned to your project. This primary engineer is charged with becoming an expert on your company’s unique infrastructure, rules, and guidelines. A layering support infrastructure follows, which includes multiple engineers kept in the loop to provide additional project support. This win-win approach provides you experts intimately familiar with the project environment, and allows our team the ability to share responsibilities.

Lastly, we believe in quality, which means meeting or exceeding customer expectations, keeping the project on schedule, delivering on budget, and following good systems integration practices to deliver solutions that will stand the test of time. In fact, we are so confident in our work that we provide a 3-year warranty on our services.

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