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Data Centers

We keep data centers from feeling powerless.

In 2015, the average cost of a data center outage was $740,357.* Whether you’re a privately-owned data center, or a 500,000 square foot co-location data center operator, we’re here to help you ensure maximum uptime. At Affinity Energy, we’ve worked with some of the largest data centers in the U.S. to design and implement electrical power management systems (EPMS) that help ensure continuous power in the event of a utility outage.


While every data center has UPS and backup generators, outages still occur. Affinity Energy develops EPMS systems that provide data centers with advanced monitoring capabilities, fault diagnostics, and trending to allow operators to run their data centers reliably, safely, and efficiently.

Affinity__DSC2358_800pxEPMS systems help identify abnormalities, equipment problems, capacity concerns, and power quality issues that can lead to premature equipment failure. Gaining additional visibility into electrical distribution systems also helps data center owners and operators prioritize and optimize maintenance scheduling.

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Affinity Energy engineers work hard to collaborate with your internal personnel to make project integration as seamless as possible. As a vendor-agnostic company, we are able to customize EPMS solutions to best fit your environment and goals.

One additional reason to consider Affinity Energy as your EPMS and submetering solution provider is that we now offer fiber optic cabling termination and testing, reducing the time and cost spent on scheduling additional fiber optic subcontractors.

Take a look at how Affinity Energy helped QTS Atlanta-Suwanee, the third largest data center in the world.

*according to a study by Ponemon Institute

Top Reasons to Use Affinity Energy

  • We’re Experts: With over 800 power automation projects behind us, we have the integration expertise and background to help your organization operate efficiently, reliably, and safely.
  • We’re Turnkey: While we have the capacity to service a full turnkey solution, we are also happy to take on smaller, individual projects. From onsite troubleshooting to programming a fully customized SCADA system, we look at the system as a whole so you won’t end up with project gaps.
  • We’re Consultative: Because we’re an open systems integrator, we are prepared to design a customized solution that meets your environment’s unique production, efficiency, safety, and ROI goals.