Electrical Power Management System (EPMS)

Automated EPMS system monitoring for quality and optimization.

Affinity Energy has a long history of designing, programming, installing, andcommissioning electrical power management systems (EPMS). We are a turnkey solution provider with experienced engineers who take your project from conceptual design to full implementation.

Our approach to designing an EPMS system is centered on information accessibility and reliability. Through the collection and monitoring of critical data, we maximize the ability of our customers to identify expensive problems, provide greater visibility into power reliability assets, reduce operating costs, decrease maintenance scheduling issues, and increase uptime.


Power Monitoring Expert

We focus on four areas of expertise:

  • Substation Automation – Affinity Energy provides real-time tools for managing electrical distribution equipment such as substations, transformers, generators, transfer switches, motor control centers, and variable speed drives. By improving information, customers can make better engineering and business decisions.
  • Power Quality Monitoring – Our EPMS systems provide owners with the diagnostics they need to proactively address potential electrical problems such as disturbances, harmonics, poor power factor, and system unbalances. They also help owners perform accurate root-cause analysis.
  • Critical Facilities Monitoring – Our EPMS systems provide very granular information from your equipment and environment, allowing you to assess and respond to abnormal conditions in a timely manner. They can direct alarms to personnel, building automation systems, or other enterprise systems such as work order and network management.
  • Submetering – Customers are able to allocate electrical costs by system, process, or tenant. They can analyze and ve

The base wide electrical power management system (EPMS) SCADA system developed by Affinity Energy (formerly Affinity Automation) is an indispensable part of our electrical distribution system. It's based on a virtualized, redundant Wonderware SCADA architecture that gives our Marine Corps Air Station maintenance personnel a secure, reliable, and easy way to manage our medium voltage substation equipment similar to an electric utility.

Now maintenance takes half the time, and unexplained downtime has virtually been eliminated.

–Craig Bruns, IT Specialist at Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Cherry Point

Schneider Electric's comprehensive energy management solution

Best of Breed Components

As an open systems solution provider, we utilize many of the industry’s best-of-breed components and EPMS software including, but not limited to:

  • Schneider Electric Power Monitoring Expert (PME)
  • Schneider Electric Power SCADA Operation (PSO)
  • AlsoEnergy

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