Field Services

Field Services

Our broad range of control systems engineering is a valuable field asset.

At Affinity Energy, we pride ourselves on our versatility. We’re a full-service control systems engineering integrator, able to provide field service support to any aspect of power and energy management systems.

With thousands of hours of boots-on-the-ground experience, our field services personnel are some of our greatest consultants in instrumentation, controls, communications (including fiber optic, serial, wireless, and Ethernet), and data acquisition solutions for energy and power management systems.

Because we take a customer-focused approach to everything we do, we’re always eager to help.

Affinity__DSC2412_800pxOur most popular control systems engineering services include:

  • Fiber optic termination and testing (single mode and multi-mode)
  • Network and communication installation and checkout (including wireless Weidmuller and Ubiquiti installation)
  • Submetering installation, setup, and integration
  • PLC programming
  • HMI programming
  • SCADA system support, upgrade, and expansion
  • Communication protocol conversion
  • Alarm notification troubleshooting
  • Database maintenance, backup, and restoration
  • Computer and operating system upgrades and maintenance

Affinity Energy field service professionals are prepared to deliver the solution that best meets your project needs, now and in the future.

Working on a solar farm is tough. The unpredictable environment, isolated locations, and taxing schedules challenge even the best of companies.

We've worked with Affinity Energy on over a dozen solar projects. On every single one of those projects, their field services team gets the job done on time. And at the end of the day, that's what is most important to us!

–David Giles, Operations & Maintenance Manager at SunEnergy1

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