Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

Our Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) offer ultimate flexibility.

A PLC can be programmed to control practically anything. Their performance, reliability, and scalability makes them ideal for airports, medical campus central utility plants, and manufacturing plants. Additionally, PLCs provide a high level of sophistication and redundancy for mission critical applications, while industrial hardening enables them withstand extreme environments.


At Affinity Energy, our engineers specialize in PLC control panel design, programming, field installation, commissioning, and support. We have experience with multiple manufacturers and can program PLCs using ladder logic, function block, and structured text. Our electrical application expertise includes (but is not limited to) transfer schemes, energy curtailment, load shed, active power management, motor controls, and application specific controls for motors, circuit breakers, transformers, inverters, generators, and battery systems.

Affinity Energy is an open systems integrator, so we can provide PLCs with identical capabilities from a variety of brands in a range of price points. Our agnostic approach to manufacturers also reduces the costs associated with future support and expansion.

When my client needed a Modicon M340 PLC solution for a 135MWDc solar farm, I knew exactly who to go to.  Affinity Energy's expertise with mission critical power systems and PLCs turned a fire drill into a cake walk.

–Ken Agee, President, Critical Power Resource LLC

Best of Breed Components

As an open systems solution provider, we utilize many PLC manufacturers including, but not limited to:

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